Cinematography allows people to explore a space at an enhanced level. The flow and layout become ever more accessible, further feeding that desire to engage from the viewer.

The creative narrative that is woven through our cinematography & video allows for a different visual exploration. Whether it be via capturing the intricate detailing in the house, or through a time-lapse of clouds rolling over yacht in the Bahamas on a beautiful summers day. The creative options for storytelling are endless.


Understanding your goals and the message that you want to convey from your video are key in shaping the creative process. By working with you to break down which areas are of key importance, we can focus in on what content will drive the video and how it will shape the story.

Whether it’s targeting a specific demographic or creating content that builds your online presence and further engages new clients we are here to help fulfill that vision.



Seo Optimization

Search engines love video content. The simple act of having an engaging video embedded on your site drastically increases the likelihood your site will show up first in a web search. In the minds of the search engines, it is evidence of rich media relevant to search requests. With Google owning Youtube they have a vested interest in continuing to push the added SEO benefits of video.


Added Marketing Channels

Video allows you to interact with some of the largest captive audiences online which previously wouldn’t have been accessible. By search queries alone Youtube is ranked only second to Google, showing its importance in building brand awareness and engagement. Add into the mix the likes of Vimeo, the Facebook watch platform, Instagram and you start to see the potential it offers.


Increased Engagement

It’s no secret that viewers prefer imagery and video to reading. The ease of use of pressing play on a video over having a viewer read 500 words of copy to convey the same message is obvious. With the average online attention span coming in at less than eight seconds, video is a get tool in capturing that attention span and increasing engagement with your brand and products.


Emotional Connection

Video allows you to create an emotional connection with your audience, where other forms of marketing may struggle. The combination of senses in audio and visual allow you tell your story at a deeper level and build a connection and understanding in an incredibly short space of time.


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