An additional service we offer is consultancy. Whether your a homeowner looking to bring your property to market or an architect looking to showcase your latest build, we are happy to help advise on the next steps.

As a homeowner, the whole process of bringing your home to the market can be one which is extremely daunting. Knowing how to prepare your home, how best to present it, which realtor is best for you and knowing whether your realtor is doing what he or she should be – all of these things and more can quickly overwhelm anyone. Our consultancy service looks to alleviate these troubles.

By choosing to bring us onboard as consultants our aim is to guide you through all of these potential worrying issues. Throughout the process, we will explain our advice, join you on listing appointments and support you in obtaining a professional service from your realtor. At every step we are able to offer you invaluable knowledge on the best way to bring your home to market and sell your property. 


We are lucky enough to have our work regularly featured in some of the biggest publications in the USA. Seeing our work on the big screen or in print is something which is really gratifying and something we are very proud of.

As well as picking up multiple awards, our work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY times, Fox, MSNBC, Forbes, Architectural Digest and Florida Design amongst many others.


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