Real Estate Drone Photography and Video – understanding the positives.

Drone photography and video are two huge tools in the arsenal of a realtor and have been around for a number of years now. The benefits that drone photography and video can bring to your listing are numerous.

These nimble little beauties are great at highlighting that golf course view or lake frontage that are going to help sell your listing.

They also work wonders when it comes to promoting your listing proximity to nearby shops and restaurants. On top of this, there are many more positives your marketing can gain from drone photography and video such as…

  • Aerial views will showcase the entire property and the accompanying land
  • Showcases extensive landscaping
  • Aerial imagery and footage has been proven to increase engagement with potential buyers
  • If the homeowners have just invested in a new roof, aerial will help highlight this plus point
  • If the home overlooks a preserve of park

I could reel off a load of figures and quotes from studies that highlight the impact drone photography and video has on real estate sales but I think we can take it as read that when done well and for the right listing it will help sell a home. Drones have pretty much come to be expected on listing presentations by homeowners and it would be negligent not to be able to offer it as part of your marketing package, but it’s equally important to understand when it’s probably not needed.

When its time to avoid using Drone in Real Estate

For instance if your listing is in very close proximity to its neighbors – no matter how creative the pilot is the drone will highlight this flaw. If your listing sits near a busy main road with heavy traffic this will be something you want to avoid.

The benefits drones bring are huge but at the same time, you don’t want to highlight any potential flaws or negative aspects of your listing.

Here are some of the other limitations you might want to consider before commissioning drone on your next listing…

  • If the property has lots of trees the home can look lost in drone footage if it is shrouded in foliage
  • If there is long term building work nearby this can be very off-putting for potential buyers
  • Nearby power lines that run in close proximity or spoil the listings view
  • If the home sits next to an undesirable building such as a factory or power station drone will highlight this negative.

With all of the listings, we shoot we happily advise clients and whether we feel drone footage will help or hinder their listing and are never looking to push or upsell the service. We have clocked up thousands of hours of air time with our drone and consider ourselves to be well versed are navigating it past the cypress trees and Spanish moss that are an ever-present fixture here in Orlando. If you want to see more of our aerial work head over to our services page to see more of our work.