Location: Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville, US
Builder: Browdy & Browdy Inc
Photography Client: Browdy & Browdy Inc

Take one luxury oceanfront property, combine it with a  modern transitional design, an open floor plan and throw in the fact it was built by one of the best custom home builders in Florida and you have an architectural photographer’s dream. This oceanfront beauty is courtesy of Browdy & Browdy and is something pretty special.

The light in this particular luxury oceanfront property was sensational and keeping the feel and look of the imagery as natural as possible was a key thought as soon we stepped through the doors. Supplementing the natural directional light in this oceanfront home with blended subtle pops of flash was crucial in leading the eye through the space. Like with so much of the work we do our desire to create work that looks as natural as possible even if it has seen a few rounds in photoshop.


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