Location: Moab, Utah, US
Photography Client: Studio M

So this interior design photography shoot came a little out of the blue. One tuesday afternoon we were happily photographing a project down here in Orlando when a phone call came in from the team at Studio M asking if we could fly to Utah tomorrow for an interior design photography shoot. We threw some t-shirts into a bag, charged up the Canon batteries and come Wednesday morning we were on a flight out to Denver before driving through the beautiful mountains towards Moab.

After a fairly aggressive day of traveling we make it to the shoot location and get our first glimpse of the home and what we will be photographing, and my word this place is incredible. First of all, the red rock in Moab makes you feel like you are on Mars – the scenery here is like nothing we have seen before. It truly is like you have stumbled onto the set of the old road runner cartoons.



Nestled into this incredible scenery, this home boasts glass doors that span the totality of one side of the building, showcasing the breathtaking views. During the course of the day the rock is constantly being transformed by the sun, through the shadows it casts and is something quite mesmerising. Having the backdrop for this interior design photography shoot was something very special.

The guys at Studio M once again gave smashed the interior design out the park on this one. The delicate use of colors and furniture that compliments the design of the building without fighting with it for attention. We came away from this interior design photography shoot with a bagload of portfolio images. They say you shouldn’t have favorites but…..

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